Electroacoustical components

Array technologies

An “array” microphone has two or more microphones built into it. A programmed microprocessor is added to continuously determine the primary source of audio input and then adjusts the output so that the delivered sound is from the microphone that is receiving the best signal.
Programming is critical to any array microphone design. That is why, in addition to our many array microphone options, Knowles’ incorporates our IntelliSonic software into our designs.
Knowles created IntelliSonic’s patented algorithm using a time-delay principle to configure the processor with a predetermined Look Angle and Angle of Acceptance. All acoustic plane waves outside the angle of acceptance are attenuated by greater than 15 dB for a two-element array. Knowles’ algorithm can attenuate by greater than 20 dB for a 4-element array.
Within the angle of acceptance, the algorithm has controllable adaptive noise filters. Depending on whether you are designing for telephony or voice recognition, parameters can be precisely set to optimize noise suppression. This allows for the hands-free, intuitive and natural audio experience your customers want from your new product ideas.


• Advanced IntelliSonic™ software
• 16 dB noise suppression
• 30 dB interference cancellation via beam-array
• 27 dB acoustic echo cancellation