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Fonix 8000

Fonix8000      Fonix8000

Fonix 8000 Hearing Aid Test System is a direct descendent of the Fonix 7000. It advances the science of hearing aid testing with the introduction of the optional 8120 Polar Plot Sound Chamber. When this sound chamber is included with the purchase of the Fonix 8000, you can perform 360 degree polar plot testing of directional hearing aids. The hearing aid is mounted on a rotating spindle in front of the sound chamber speaker and is automatically rotated, taking measurements at angles specified by the user. Results are displayed in polar plot format on the test screen in either dB Gain or dB SPL.

FP 35


FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer is a valuable tool for any hearing aid clinician. Within its sleek, compact design is the ability to check that the hearing aid is functioning properly as well as verify the suitability of its amplification for a particular patient. It also has excellent computer compatibility and can be controlled using a simple Windows-based interface from within NOAH.