Receivers and speakers

Waterproof speakers

• Waterproof and submersible
• Withstand explosive decompression
• Excellent environmental performance
• Corrosion resistant

Knowles waterproof speaker designs are achieved by sealing the speaker element inside of a waterproof bellows assembly. The assembly can be panel mounted, used outdoors, and for repeated submersion.
Design characteristics include no loss of performance after immersion in fifteen meters of water, corrosion resistance, impervious to explosive decompression, and high resistance to mechanical shock.

MR Rec.

The MR Series speaker consists of a BK series balanced armature motor driving a large paper-stiffened diaphragm, and an MR waterproof bellows assembly. The MR bellows provides the waterproofing, and is rated to 50 feet (about 15m) of submersion. The grill has openings large enough to drain water quickly, so the speaker can operate immediately after removal from water. The MR diaphragm assembly (pictured) allows sound to pass and air pressure to equalize.


• Highly waterproof, no loss of performance after immersion in 15m water
• Corrosion resistant
• Withstands explosive decompression
• Excellent environmental performance
• Leads attached
• High resistance to mechanical shock

Product Families Model ID Dimensions Sensitivity Port Loc. Impedance Imp @ 500 Hz MPO 500 MPO Pk Downloads
MR Rec. MR-23333-000 12.7 dia x 22.23mm (0.5 dia x 0.875in) 100 Face 150 21 107 124
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